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Matrix Marketing Concepts Inc.

full-service retail brand strategy
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Matrix Marketing Concepts Inc.

matrix helps put more products
in your customers hands

You have products that need to find their way into customers hands.
We have over 30 years of experience helping brands reach more customers and sell more products in retail.
Our focus on retail affords us the unique ability to offer services and solutions for every step along the way.



consumer insights

Know your customer. Identify what aspects of your product are of value
to your customers. This drives the entire process.

product testing

Test your product so that you can make claims to what you have identified
as important to your customers.



Design packaging that not only protects your product,
but also speaks to your customers.

promotion strategy

Don’t let your product just sit on a shelf. Identify and plan ways to get your
customers attention, whether through advertising or retail displays.



Now it’s time to make what we
have designed.



Getting your products and support materials to store.

merchandising & installation

Properly setting up your product and installing your displays in store.

in-store awareness

Identify and execute on new opportunities to attract attention
to and explain your product.


Call us today to see how we can connect your products, or see
which of our services and solutions are right for your business.

beyond what you
thought was possible

We provide worry-free, creative and seamless solutions that showcase the
value of your products. Beyond a vendor, we are part of your team.