ARGO. The declassified true story.

The movie was fake. The mission was real.

ARGO, is based on the declassified true story of the secret operation carried through with joint efforts of the CIA, Canada… and Hollywood.

The Mission:
To extract six Americans from Iran who managed to slip away from the madness at the US Embassy in Tehran, as the hostage crisis began when Iranian militants stormed in on November 4, 1979.

With the six American diplomats hiding out in the temporary ‘safe haven’ of Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor’s home, the CIA hires Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck); top “exfiltration” specialist.

His Plan:
Get them out without getting caught and/or killed, by creating a fake film production, where the Americans must pose as part of the film crew. It becomes a life and death situation where each person must ‘play his or her part’ flawlessly, as time ticks ever so quickly.

ARGO won the Golden Globe® Awards for Best Picture and Best Director.

Full of suspense, thrill and drama, ARGO is also nominated for 7 Academy® Awards, including Best Picture. Award-winning Ben Affleck stars and directs this magnificent film, with the screenplay written by Chris Terrio, who adapted it from both “The Master of Disguise” written by Tony Mendez himself and “The Great Escape” article written by Joshuah Bearman, Wired Magazine.

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ARGO _ QWS Corrugate Display

ARGO _ QWL Corrugate Display

ARGO Future Shop _ Medium Display

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