Custom Package Design

Who doesn’t love a great deal?!

Custom design packaging is fantastic way to cross-promote complimentary products; allowing them to be sold together as a single unit and then made available at an attractive cost to the consumer. It is always a great opportunity to increase awareness  about other related or similar products and extend penetration into new categories.

matrix just recently completed the design, print and shipping of an exclusive program in Future Shop stores. The WATCH & PLAY 2-packs were designed to hold both a video game (PS3, Wii or Xbox), and a feature DVD.

The titles selected for the bundles were specifically chosen so that the items within a bundle were either within the same franchise or similar genre. For example, a Scooby-Doo video game is bundled with a Scooby-Doo DVD. We chose to design a specific title treatment for the title “WATCH & PLAY” and then use a simplistic, yet attractive layout for the creative giving the sets a unified look when merchandised together in-store.

WATCH & PLAY 2 Pack Bundles

These 6 different combinations of the WATCH & PLAY bundles were designed exclusively for Future Shop with 30,000 units printed and distributed to Future Shop locations across Canada.

WATCH & PLAY 2 pack bundles are available now and make great gifts for the Holiday Season!


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