Holiday Gift Sets from Mood Media

Alas, the holidays have come to an end and with it the season of parties and merriment. matrix was involved in a project that helped this season’s hosts fill their party-goers’  ears with holiday music and tummies with delicious eats and drinks.

We helped Mood Entertainment package holiday compilation CDs with recipes as a collaboration with Gourmet Magazine. These sets were merchandised in Costco in the United States. matrix developed all components of this package, and as well did all assembly and co-packing of all the elements, prepped everything for shipment off to the US. We also, provided graphic design design / 3D services for the online marketing for the 3 packs. The 3 packs were called:

– Songs and Sweets
– Crooners and Cocktails
– Seasonal Songs and Suppers

The recipe books used a tent card design to stand while the host or hostess put together the recipe. These great packs helped make some holiday parties just a little bit more merry, and that’s what the holiday entertaining season is all about!


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