Mabel’s Labels Back to School Lists Display in Walmart

For some, Back to School shopping isn’t the most fun thing in the world. The kids don’t want to be there because it is the beginning of the end of their summer, and there are so many brands vying for a parent’s dollars. Mabel’s Labels is all about helping make organization easier with their products, so they took this same approach with their Back To School display. They partnered with Walmart to make a display that merchandised their products as well as back to school shopping lists for all ages as a great tool to help parents stay organized.

matrix helped Mabel’s Labels execute this initiative by designing and producing the corrugate display that distributed the lists and merchandises Mabel’s Labels Write-Away! labels.

Matrix MCI - Mabel's Labels Walmart back to school list display

The display was a great success, and it was because of great collaboration. The concept for back to school shopping lists has been done before. The original concept paired an innovative hexagonal design with stepped pocket inserts that were featured on previous Walmart displays. Upon review, the corrugate design experts at matrix identified this was not the most cost effective way to make the display because the pocket inserts from  previous versions required a lot of tooling and materials.

In a very productive meeting between the corrugate structural designers and the industrial designer, they turned the concept of the pockets on it’s head and resulted in an innovative design approach that made the production concept come together. A 4 sided display with 2 slanted sides that held the lists in a pocket component that could be repeated up the display. As a result, material, assembly and die costs were reduced by over 60%!!!

Rendering of Mabel's Labels Walmart back to school hexagon concept          Rendering of Rendering of Mabel's Labels Walmart back to school 4 sided concept


 The display looked fantastic in Walmart for the back to school 2013 season. There are 2 displays in most Walmarts: one at front of store and the other with all the back to school products in the seasonal aisles. Check the display out, and pick up some Mabel’s Label’s Write Away! labels today!!

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