Mabel’s Labels Permanent Sidekick

It’s almost a year now since we blogged about the release of mabel’s labels “Write Away!” Labels, in local Walmart retailers.

With it’s success already present online from years previous, mabel’s labels product already had brand recognition  across Canada. Through word of mouth, parents, teachers and caregivers to children ranging from newborn to high school (maybe even college) would find themselves ordering awesome customized packs of labels to be used on baby supplies, school supplies etc.

As you can imagine, after the release of their “Write Away!” Labels in Walmart Canada, the news spread like wildfire, and sales were definitely on the rise. Following this success, mabel’s labels turned to matrix to come up with concepts for temporary and permanent solutions to further allow their product to ‘stand out’ among all the other school supplies and stationary within the department. This was exciting for us at matrix, especially having already previously worked closely with mabel’s labels for this specific product launch.

Below is one of the sketch concepts that matrix presented to mabel’s labels to illustrate initial concepts.

Here is the finished piece!!!!

Powder-coated in mabel’s labels ‘pink’, with interchangeable graphic panels on all visible sides, smooth curves and a perfect amount of display room for the product. Topped with the mabel’s label logo as it’s header, mabel’s familiar character could be seen and recognized perfectly in the aisle.

Below is the final produced sidekick, now seen in Walmart stores across Canada.

This display was so successful for mabel’s labels that they could tell which Walmart stores it had been installed in first because of the immediate increase of incremental sales. Fan’s of mabel’s were posting pictures on Twitter of the display! The formula for success was clear: use great looking display to give more visibility to an already amazing product to connect it with it’s customers.

Mabel’s Labels blogged their spot on the Today Show back earlier this year in February, where Mabel Co-founder Juile Cole and celebrity Soleil Moon Frye, talk up this awesome product.

Although the the school year is pretty much over, the countdown to summer is on the horizon. Which means trips to the beach, cottage and daycamp providing even MORE perfect opportunities to use these amazing labels. Mind you, there really is no limit for their use.

Visit your local Walmart and find mabel’s labels “Write Away!” labels in the Stationary department. Look for the display, you can’t miss it!

And look for other great future collaborations between matrix and mabel’s labels both on our blog and in store.

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