Kitting and Distribution

From the mountains of the Himalayas to the valleys of Kashmir….well not quite, but matrix does offer complete custom kitting and  distribution services, reaching from Vancouver to St. John’s, Yellowknife to Windsor…virtually Canada-wide.

An excellent example are the  Multi-Studio distributions, typically conducted monthly, comprised of a variety of retail POP pieces custom-kitted to clients’ requirements and shipped to a group of associated in-store representatives who then place materials accordingly throughout the store.

From the outset, preparation is key in coordinating the distribution. We ensure that creative, printing, kitting and of course delivery are conducted in a timely fashion to meet target deadlines for both out of province and local destinations.

Shared among several studios at once, shipping the designated promotional material in one “kit” allows cost-savings to be realized in both pre- and post-production stages. Receiving one kit of materials is also a benefit to the field reps as they have one package delivered for the studio work and not multiple deliveries.

Promotional materials may range from stickers featuring a new-release DVD to larger and more elaborate interchangeable graphics for placement on permanent wire displays.


Multi-Studio - DVD Endcap Display

In a recent distribution involving two major retailers in Canada, 142 groups consisting of 276 in-store reps were shipped nine different pieces of print materials in varying quantities totalling 4086 shipped pieces.

Our full service approach to retail marketing provides clients with peace-of-mind, knowing matrix can fulfill their distribution needs efficiently and expeditiously.

Why not look to matrix for your next retail distribution?

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