Our World is Retail

For any of you reading this and who might know me, you can feel free to pick yourselves up off the floor now and continue reading if you dare.

Yes, matrix has entered the world of social media thanks to our team of world class designers who are leading the charge.

Matrix Marketing Concepts

No matrix isn’t an Ad Agency.  No offence to any of our agency friends, but we have a different approach to solving problems for our clients.

Our world is retail and connecting with the consumer.

Next time you are in a store, look around like a marketer.  Observe, make notes and absorb what’s happening and how companies are attempting to connect with that customer at the point of decision.  Don’t just look at your category but in every category.  You will undoubtedly see some good work…and some not so good.  There are lessons to be learned from both examples.

The retail landscape both in Canada and the United States has changed dramatically over the past eighteen months.

Circuit City.



Target entering the Canadian marketplace.

HMV ownership changes.

Alliance Studios acquisition of Maple Pictures.

Canadian Tire acquires The Forzani Group.

Yes some stories were sad tales, but there are going to be many new and relevant changes in the marketplace that will be exciting and challenging and funner.  Yes, I said funner.

So the idea behind this rant is to set up the concept of this blog.

Permanent Displays

Permanent Retail Displays

matrix is in the graphic design, printing, retail display, in-store display, packaging, shipping, warehousing, and customization business. We spend hours thinking, working, walking, living and breathing retail and how to help our clients better connect with the consumer in the store.

Temporary Retail Displays

Temporary Retail Displays

Custom Packaging & Production

Custom Packaging & Production

The intent is to share some knowledge and insight.

We want you to comment.

We want you to voice an opinion.

We want to hear what you think and what is important to you.

And if you think we are half baked – tell us.

We may not agree but it makes for really good discussion.

More to come….

– Chris Fowler, President (On behalf of the brilliant and talented team at matrix.)

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