Print Techniques: A Lasting Impression

As much as we hear that saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”… well in all honesty, there actually is a percentage of us that do that exact thing at first glance.

The majority of people are ‘visual’. It’s the simplicity or complexity of the choice of imagery, the colour, and sometimes even the texture of let’s say… a book cover, that makes you to ‘pick it up’.  It’s these times where you may find yourself picking up that book with the title or author’s name in ‘shiny’ letters, or the book cover itself feels ‘silky’ or ‘textured’ in comparison to the pages within, or a black and white simple cover with a pop of ‘red and glossy’ finish on a specific part of the main imagery…. next thing you know, you’re at cash and the salesperson has just finished ringing in your new purchase!

This reaction is not only particular to purchases of books, but for many different products on shelves everywhere at retail.  Innovative and unique packaging used on toys, DVDs, music CDs, or in-store counter cards, brochures, booklets, pamphlets, mailers, hand-outs, flyers … and more!

In the printing industry, these applied elements that ‘catch our interest’ are referred to as Finishing Techniques. There’s a wide variety of techniques that are offered and can be applied to almost any type of print. However, there are many things to consider, ensuring that you’re choosing the most effective techniques to get the best result.

Adding printing techniques to enhance areas on printed pieces needs to be well thought out, not only so that it looks good, but to answer questions like:

– Will this add value to the image?
– Will this effectively draw customers to this promotion or product that we’re trying to sell?

Matrix offers our clients a wide selection of techniques and finishes for specialized applications. Our exclusive Print Techniques booklet, works as a handy and visible tool to guide our clients in making these effective decisions. We want to make sure that the final prints are pleasing to the client and appealing to their audience. Our print brochure features everything from standard 4-colour print, die cutting, foil printing to embossing… and everything in between.

MATRIX Print Techniques (Glitter)

MATRIX Print Techniques (Holographic Foil)

matrix has created a number of great pieces utilizing numerous techniques to enhance the final print.  The following are examples of a few projects that effectively show how applying these print techniques can enhance the look of the final piece:

UBISOFT Black Eyed Peas Counter Card

UBISOFT Tin Tin Counter Card

A simple and great blog entry called “A Guide to Popular Printing Techniques“, written by Ciara Panacchia, graphic artist and blogger on Design Instruct, briefly describes the standard processes of how some of these print techniques are applied.

Now, take a few moments and think about how matrix could successfully help you make YOUR lasting impression.

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