here to there with care.

Our logistics department spends all day, everyday making sure your things gets where they are supposed to go in the most efficient way possible. Our logistics personnel think beyond just delivering; they consider the timeline, and choose from multiple options based on price and care. They will have prototypes and samples couriered to your office, event, or trade show. They work with your warehouse, distribution centre, or shipping department to coordinate pickup / drop off appointments. Our logistics department has relationships with major retailers’ distribution centres, and delivers monthly kits to store reps serving Canada’s largest retailers.

custom kitting / co-packing

Have your display packed ready for retail or your distribution centre. Matrix will co-pack your display with everything it needs to be successful: product, ship fillers, hardware, instruction sheets, etc. We will work with your retail or distribution partners to meet their standards.

  • Prepacks
  • Instruction sheet
  • Ship fillers
  • Hardware
  • Custom kits per store
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We think beyond just getting your marketing material to its destination; the distribution and logistics experts at Matrix think: can it ship with something else? We have monthly orders going to retailers that help all our clients save money and ensure their stuff gets where its going.


Sometimes you need a place to store your products and displays before they’re ready for primetime. We warehouse your items on your behalf for when you need them. We currently manage over 500 skids for our clients. We can set up live inventory management for you, easily accessed through a web portal.