The Original Italian Espresso Experience

The freshly brewed aroma of an excellent cup of coffee or espresso is ‘heaven’ to the everyday coffee lover.

Whether at the office or at home, no matter what time of day… when that coffee craving (or need) hits… it becomes a must!

Why not have the convenience of being able to prepare a delicious fresh espresso or coffee right in the office or comfort of your own home? From the simple one-shot espresso to flavourful cappuccinos and lattes. Yes, please!
Matrix proudly worked with Philips Saeco in adapting distinguished creative for numerous POP pieces, to promote their exclusive lines of espresso machines. With the sophistication of the buyer in mind, Matrix was able to produce quality eye-catching pieces that can be seen at specialty kitchenware stores across Canada. Among these pieces are danglers, roll-up banners, window clings and aisle blades.

Philips Saeco POP Pieces

Indulge in your favourite beverage any time of day with a Philips SAECO Espresso machine!
There’s nothing like the original Italian espresso experience.
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